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Jan 22, 2012 4:30pm PST
woman who mothers them. >> that is the only thing that keeps me going now. >>> up next, carolyn johnson travels to west africa. the women of sierra leone stand the women of sierra leone stand up to a ritual that leaves i m a a @merican. i am an amer mniecan.y i am an americ. .am an errican. i am an ameran!o. rñamy aamt7icran. d aana american. i l i a @m anme1rin.m] rh..ñu ;Ñ eiv...r0 i... ;] ""am,3.÷ .anfmeacaren. ñk i am an american. zei am an ericané& i admmericae )oi aam0erica. voi: : am0 an erericaá voe: i axm an ameran (oi aan americaun >>> women and girls face immense challenges in west africa. less than third of them are literate and they are subject to genital mutilation. but things are changing. carolyn johnson traveled to sierra leone. >> these are the faces of the future, boys and girls excited to learn but continuing their education into their teenage years will be a challenge, especially for girls in rural areas. that initiation into a secret society prepares girls for marriage and includes the controversial practice female genital mutilation. a right all that can l
Jan 23, 2012 7:00am PST
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Jan 22, 2012 11:00pm PST
and saving thousands of lives. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> it cost less than $300 and can be used several dozen times. >>> nominations for the academy awards will be announced on tuesday. the movie making the most noise is a silent movie. "the artist" was shot in 35 days in black and white. the lack of sound brings back memories of the sigh lept film era where facial expressions and dance moves said it all. >> i looked at "the artist" and i thought, we are missing something now where everything is just shoved in our faces. >> the artist has won several golden globes. the actor in it was once told he would never make it because he was too expressive. >>> kate beckinsale is back with a vengeance. her latest "under world" open had at number one. it is the fourth in the vampire action saga. opening was red tails and last week's number one film, contra brand dropped to third place. it was extremely loud and incredibly close was fourth and "hey wire" wraps up this week. >>> a look at your morning commute and let's go to leigh glaser. >> we will have to go through part a bit of rain betw
Jan 23, 2012 6:00am PST
scouts of northern california. >>> muni's cable carolyn is back in service after shutting down service for repairs. it ran between vannesque and drum. it was closed for a few hours but was fixed just before 9:00 last night. >>> also this morning some socially students will sociology if i students will hold a press conference to increase minimum wage in san jose from $8 to $10 per hour. after it is reviewed, students will begin a petition drive to collect 19200 signatures to qualify the initiative for the november ballot. >>> time now 6:26 violence at candle stick park, the incident that led police to use pepper spray on a fan. >>> and we will tell you how the weather could affect your morning commute. >>> and we will take you live to the new york stock exchange for the opening bell and we'll see how the stock markets look. introducing the new flip & fresh from air wick with 100% fragrance oil. it's something new to brighten your home with two scent levels to choose from for when you want something light or something more. it's the new flip & fresh from air wick. the lasting fresh fragr
Jan 23, 2012 5:00am PST
accused of killing four california women in crimes that date back to the 1970s. >>> the cable carolyn is back in service -- cable car line is back in service. a problem with the cable forced the line to close down for a few hours. it was fixed just before 9:00 last night. >>> time now 5:08 traffic problems, rain pouring in, sal, what is happening now? >> it is not going to be a great monday so if you leave the house early, it is like asking a lot on a monday to get yourself out the door. but you should this morning if you can or just call ahead and tell them you are running behind taking you longer to get to work. as you drive out to the mcarthur maze, that traffic will be busy and you have heard your reporter saying, almost everywhere you look, some of the pavement has not been. it gets a little bit damp in the rain and this morning's commute is going to be okay on westbound bay bridge so far coming across to san francisco. we have had a lot of fender- benders, 280 southbound looking good and some of the fender benders include standing water, minor accidents on the shoulder, that kin
Jan 23, 2012 11:00am EST
can take even longer. it can be maddening but career coach carolyn levine advises to be proactive. don't be afraid to ask when you can expect to hear from them. who should you follow up with? if you're upfront about it, they may respect you more for that and you won't just be sitting by the phone. you will have a list of things to do. it's often a waiting game of at least a week or two, but levine says even the best companies have candidates that sometimes fall through the cracks. meaning it takes time. or they need to wait for a key d decisionmaker to come back with salary requirements or how long they can offer a contract and budgets have to be sorted out or they have to finish the roster of interviews. for instance, this is an obvious one, but send a thank you note in the first 24 hours. and, yes, in this day and age e-mail is fine. it doesn't have to be on painer. then you can wait five business days to follow up with the person who actually interviewed you, and just check in with them and say how is it going? i'm literally just checking in. suzanne? >> within 24 hours, huh? t
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)